If you don’t know what outcome you’re looking for, you will likely leave dissatisfied with the outcome you get.

Meeting purposes:

  • Ra quyết định (Decision-making): Chốt phương án cuối cùng sau khi trao đổi. Cần đưa ra các câu hỏi xoay quanh các nhóm thông tin sau:
    • Lựa chọn rõ ràng
    • Ý kiến của các bên liên quan với các lựa chọn
    • Đánh giá ưu và nhược điểm của từng lựa chọn với tiêu chí lựa chọn
  • Brainstorming: Đưa ra các sáng kiến giải quyết vấn đề cụ thể.
  • Resource ask: Xin phân bổ nguồn lực.
  • Approval: Xin phê duyệt.
  • Update: Luôn hỏi trước mỗi cuộc họp loại này “Có thể email thay vì họp không?”. Nếu buộc phải có cuộc họp, hãy chuẩn bị những câu hỏi và đề xuất để có thể nhận được sự hỗ trợ từ cấp trên.

Give context

You are the only one who knows what is in your head. Everyone else needs context.

Speak to your audience

Don’t focus on what you want to say. Focus on what you want your audience to take away.

Talk about things in the context of the company’s mission, the executive team’s goals, and how the work you do helps with one or both.

Narrative [[2023-04-17-Storytelling]]

Few people remember the statistics. Nearly everyone remembers the story.

Your presentation should have a clear story arc. ==Start with the narrative outline and ensure you have a story that gets your point across==. Focus on leveraging stats and data to support your narrative, rather than the other way around. The story should stand on its own, and it should be readable and comprehensible to someone who is not close to the details of your work.

Focus on comprehension

Don’t aim to explain everything. Focus on making sure the right things land.

Being concise is more challenging than including more, it made for richer and more focused conversations.

Truthful and transparent

Focus on full transparency - on both good points and bad points - so that you can build a culture of trust. Shading in favor of the positive will erode trust in the rest of your presentation.

Source: Executive Presentations: A Guide to Achieving the Outcomes You Want Photo credit: Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash